About Exploring Q&A

Empowering Future Aviators


Exploring is a part of the Scouts of America and has been a means to provide youth the chance to learn about a field of interest since the 1970s. The participant gains hands on experience and develops leadership skills, along with many other benefits. The post is run by the Explorers with the Advisors facilitating and providing support and resources. 

There is a huge need for aviation Exploring not just because there is a huge shortage of pilots, air traffic controllers and maintenance personnel in this industry, but there is a high demand of kids who are seeking this type of outlet.  Unfortunately, the Posts are far and few between. Post 7500 is one of four in Southern California!  For more information about Exploring, please visit: exploring.org

Who can be an Explorer?

Anyone who is at least 14 years of age, graduated 8th grade, and  who has an interest in aviation. 


What is the time commitment? 

  1. Meetings: One per month; first Friday at 6:30 pm
  2. Function: One a month (trips and aviation related activities)
  3. Saturday Plane Cleaning
  4. Outings: Air Shows or misc aviation related activities
  5. Volunteer Opportunities: provided at aviation related, non-profit organizations to help earn Community Service hours
  6. Fundraising: for the Post and more expensive activities/trips
  7. Community Outreach: 


What is the cost?

  • $50 per year: Scout fees & insurance 
  • $10: Post T-shirt to be worn at all meetings and functions
  • $10: Post Hat - Optional


Additional activities not covered by the Post.  Most of our activities are either free or reduced, however, if the Post votes to go somewhere and a fee is required, all costs will be discussed up front so everyone is aware. 


Are parents required to attend the meetings/functions?

No, but you are always more than welcome!  On our outings, we can always use extra drivers and eyes for supervision.


Can siblings and friends come to the meetings and outings?

No, these are for the Post members.  However, if someone has a friend who might be interested in joining, then he/she can speak to an Advisor and arrange to sit in on one of our meetings. 


My child has decided to join.  How does he/she get signed up?

Attend at least 2 meetings and one function - meet us, see what we do and who we are and make sure this might be something you are interested in doing.  If so, you will be interviewed by our Post Leaders.


Who is in charge of the Explorers?

  • John: Parent/Advisor
  • Jeanette: Parent/Administrative
  • Kelly - Flight Instructor
  • Daniel - Captain, Skywest
  • Patricia - Finance